#iamchange Freedom Walk

Thank you to the Modesto Bee for highlighting this event!

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#iamchange MEN’S MOVEMENT exists to mobilize the MEN of the community in the sex trafficking battle as collaborative partners in bringing awareness to all in hopes for significant change.

The #iamchange Freedom Walk is the first event in this Men’s Movement. Men from 15 local churches are building this movement and mobilizing their communities for the walk. 

Q&A with Pastor Lance Lowell
Modesto’s Neighborhood Church

Why are you as man committed to this “freedom walk”?
As a man I feel that it is important for me to acknowledge the truth that the sex trafficking industry is driven by demand. The freedom walk gives me the opportunity to say to my family, my church and my community that I will commit to walking in integrity and purity and be part of the solution to this darkness that is taking place in our culture. Most other walks or demonstrations are focused on wanting others to solve the problem. I feel it is important for men to take a stand and demonstrate that we want to lead and be the change in our homes, in our culture and even in the issue of sex trafficking.

How will a walk end sex trafficking? 
I feel like it is time for us as men to encourage each other that our actions matter and together we can have a positive impact on the world. We have to call each other up to be the best man we can be for our families and the world around us.  If one person connects the dots that their choice to live a life of honor, integrity and purity will reduce the demand for sex trafficking then we have made a difference.