#iamchange EPIK Men's Movement

Our #iacEPIK team is a bunch of guys who meet to strategically disrupt the demand that perpetuates human trafficking. This team exhibits character, courage, and humility. Men from all walks of life who are committed to confronting the culture that drives demand, and changing the legacy of the next generation.

Disrupt Demand... Take Action Now


Lead by example. Porn is one of the main contributors to sex trafficking. (Demand drives the market.) Do you have a system in place to hold yourself accountable to what’s on your screens? If not, start by checking out Covenant Eyes


Do you feel out of the loop when it comes to navigating the digital world of social media, and how your family uses it? Smart Social is a great resource for parents.

EPIK Tailgates

Several times a year a bunch of guys get together locally for a casual tailgate; the purpose is to create conversation about how we as men can lead the way to combatting human trafficking. Free food & BBQ!

Next Tailgate: Sept. 23rd


Not sure where you fit? There’s a spot for you. Attend our monthly Volunteer Orientation to see where you might want to get your foot in the door & volunteer. 

EPIK Training

Twice a year we do an in-depth training to onboard guys onto our strategic EPIK team. We can’t say much about it online, but this is an opportunity to be on the frontlines of combatting sex trafficking.

Next Training: August 20th

Register for #iacEPIK Training

August 20th


Did you know that Without Permission has an exclusive team of men who are actively engaged in the fight against sexual exploitation? Twice a year, we host our #iacEPIK Training. This is an intensive, strategic training designed to teach you the tools we use to disrupt demand firsthand. This process qualifies you to become part of our monthly EPIK Patrols, where we use an interactive approach to interrupt potential sex-buyers and sex-purchasers. We can’t say much about it online, due to the discreet nature of the work that we do. Every interruption we achieve is one less person who is bought & sold for sex. Register for our next training coming up this Summer.