WP’s Quick Facts

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of victims served call Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties home

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of all victims were wooed by a “boyfriend” pimp.

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of victims we served were under 18.

(The youngest was 11 years old)

Certified Navigator

Every victim of trafficking has their own story and needs for restoration. Our work is to treat every survivor as our first, meeting their unique needs for healing and support.In our effort to restore the whole person that has been victimized by sex trafficking, a trained community volunteer is mobilized to work directly with the survivor in the restoration process. This Certified Navigator is a familiar and safe presence, who serves and supports a survivor through Six Cornerstones of Restoration as needed. Areas of focus are shelter, criminal justice, education, health, personal care and faith.

Six Pillars of Navigation


WP partners with various known and revered organizations throughout the country, that specialize in short/long term placement for survivors of sex trafficking. These various organizations work in the healing of survivors through counseling, education, art therapy, equine therapy and group therapy. Placement is an option for the survivor to receive a safe relocation, while providing love and a hope filled environment. This option provides a possibility of a “new beginning”.

Criminal Justice

Our team of staff and Certified Navigators continues to support our survivors throughout their Restoration journey. Part of that is being an advocate and supportive role when/if they choose to prosecute their trafficker. We’ve had the privilege of sitting with our survivors in the courtroom, assisting attorney and paralegals in documentation required to build their case, and more. 


WP partners with various community resources to provide necessary tutoring and/or courses needed for a high school diploma, GED or college.

We empower our students, parents, faith community and marketplace with the knowledge that is needed to keep them safe and ensure justice is achieved.


In the last decade WP has lead over 850 events, trainings, and meetings reaching more than 60,000 people. Events like #iamchange Freedom Walk, SCOE’s “Preventing and Addressing HT in Schools”, Town Hall meetings in Oakdale, Ceres & Patterson, Human Trafficking Awareness night at Modesto’s State Theater, Stockton’s Public Safety Day and more. WP has partnered with Stanislaus County Community Service Agency to bring full day community training on trauma-informed care, tactics of traffickers and flags of victims, social media safety, serving victims in healthcare and housing. WP has mobilized community members to distribute anti-trafficking posters in the marketplace.


WP begins the relationship with a *Bag of Compassion (see below). Beyond these initial toiletry and care items, any necessary personal care items such as clothing and/or undergarments can be provided as needed, according to each individual case.

Personal Care

Whether physical or mental, health is a primary focus in the restoration of a survivor. The Certified Navigator is able to serve in navigating through the process of medical appointments, if necessary. Counseling is also available if the survivor is ready to begin speaking and working through the trauma they have experienced.


WP believes that every person can find restoration through salvation in Christ Jesus. Faith is one component of the restoration process and is made accessible to each survivor who desires this support.

Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership is a group for parents and guardians who are walking with a child or young adult who has been a victim of sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. Walking with your child during this time can be extremely difficult and often parents are at a loss to know where to go for help and support. The Parent Partnership group at Without Permission is a safe place to process feelings and reactions, and gain practical support while being guided by a licensed therapist who has worked with trafficking survivors and their families. 

Just His House

JHH is a restoration center for survivors of sex trafficking who are currently in mentorship with a Certified Navigator. JHH will provide an opportunity for a survivor to come maximize the 6 cornerstones in a safe and healthy environment through mentorship and therapy, with an emphasis on the faith component of restoration. Group curriculum sessions such as, Seeking Safety, biblical restoration and cooking classes are available weekly.

Just His House is staffed by trained Certified Navigators and operates as a day facility.

Bags of Compassion

The FBI approved backpack is filled with personal care items such as a blanket, socks, toiletries and a stuffed animal, etc. The Bag of Compassion also provides the WP support line number for 24/7 access to a Certified Navigator.

WP 24 hour support line


In cases of emergency, call 911. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of State.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week