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Without Permission has many opportunities for people who are wanting to give of their time and talents to impact our community. Below are a few areas to get involved in:

  • Outreach/Community- WP is working week after week, in educating the community through various events and presentations. This area is for those that love to meet new faces and can be available for as little as once a month to as much as three times a week. This opportunity is very flexible and vital to getting our message out.
  • Campus Projects- In classroom training and campus engagements.
  • Marketing/Social Media- As the world of social media continues to expand; we understand that we need creative minds to help us expand our reach through this tool. If you have a natural gift for marketing and campaigning, consider volunteering.
  • Office/Administration- WP office is fully staffed by administrative volunteers. Civic grant writing is another opportunity to serve.
  • Certified Navigator- If you desire the one-on-one work with survivors of sex trafficking, Certified Navigator training is required. See Restoration page for details.
  • Justice Projects
    WP educates at risk girls at juvenile hall and partners with probation on the dangers of human trafficking. *Certified Navigator training is required.

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