WP’s Quick Facts

Restoration Home

84 % of victims served call Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties home

95% of all victims were wooed by a “boyfriend” pimp.

50% of victims we served were under 18.

(The youngest was 11 years old)

Certified Navigator

Every victim of trafficking has their own story and needs for restoration. Our work is to treat every survivor as our first, meeting their unique needs for healing and support.In our effort to restore the whole person that has been victimized by sex trafficking, a trained community volunteer is mobilized to work directly with the survivor in the restoration process. This Certified Navigator is a familiar and safe presence, who serves and supports a survivor through Six Cornerstones of Restoration as needed. Areas of focus are shelter, criminal justice, education, health, personal care and faith.

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Six Pillars of Navigation

Just His House

JHH is a restoration center for survivors of sex trafficking who are currently in mentorship with a Certified Navigator. JHH will provide an opportunity for a survivor to come maximize the 6 cornerstones in a safe and healthy environment through mentorship and therapy, with an emphasis on the faith component of restoration. Group curriculum sessions such as, Seeking Safety, biblical restoration and cooking classes are available weekly along with quarterly retreats that include equine therapy. Just His House is staffed by trained Certified Navigators and operates as a day facility.

Bags of Compassion

The FBI approved backpack is filled with personal care items such as a blanket, socks, toiletries and a stuffed animal, etc. The Bag of Compassion also provides the WP support line number for 24/7 access to a Certified Navigator.

WP 24 hour support line

(209) 277-7758


“In cases of emergency, call 911.”For more information, visit the U.S. Department of State.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center:


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week