Without Permission believes “knowledge is power”. We desire to bring the power to our students, parents, faith community and market place that is needed to keep them safe and ensure justice is achieved.

In the last two years WP has lead 286 events, trainings and meetings reaching over 22,000 people. Events like “Let’s Talk” Student Leadership Development, Professional Development Day, The Say Something Assemblies and more. WP has partnered with Stanislaus County Community Service Agency to bring full day community training on tactics, flags, social media and brainwashing as well as mobilizing community members to distribute anti-trafficking posters in the market place.

  • WP has trained on 20 campuses within 4 school districts in the Central Valley
  • WP has educated over 21,000 high school and college students
  • 30+ Local Civic groups trained in prevention awareness
  • WP has mobilized 40 church congregations to action

Flags of Victims

  • Has an older boyfriend
  • Carries multiple cell phones
  • Unexplained bruises and/or injuries
  • Tattoos/Brands
  • Sudden change in wardrobe
  • Loss of interest in school and/or favorite activities

Tactics of a Trafficker

  • Separates from friends and family
  • Bonds through extreme emotional highs (love bombing and praise)
  • Controls through cell phone, texting, calls & internet tracking
  • Instills dependency and obedience through fear
  • Manipulates feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness
“Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.”
Amos 5:15 (NIV)