How do we address the culture that creates sellers, purchasers and products of flesh? How does a nation turn back to a time when streets, schools and shopping malls were a safe social destination for its children? When will leaders, officials and parents wake up to the “deep dark internet” and the realities of an indulgent society?

Without Permission (WP) exists to confront these questions and to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children. WP has created a working model for the faith community to follow in the battle for social justice and survivor restoration as it relates to the evil of human trafficking in their local cities.

Our Impact


240 victims served
“Today I’m not just a survivor but a conqueror with much to learn, and certainly WP will be walking with me each and every day.”-WP Survivor


23,796 Volunteer hours mobilized
“I became a Certified Navigator because I have been a victim in my youth and my heart aches for those that have been abused.  I want to be able to help those out of the hurt, the pain, and understand that they too can have a new life.” -Sandy, Certified Navigator


605 At risk girls trained at Juvenile Hall


760+ Law enforcement officers trained


Over $605,000 raised
and invested back into our community
“I financially give to Without Permission because I support what they believe in. They are there to help those who have been involved in sex trafficking and to bring safety, wholeness, encouragement and justice to a survivor. “ – Angela, Donor


41,203 Trained in prevention awareness
“I feel that your presentation is very powerful and eye-opening for not only my students but the adults on campus as well. It is hard to push the images out of our heads and deny that this is happening right in our home town.” -Taya, High School Student