WP In Action




Patterson Block Party

In August the town of Patterson hosted a back to school Block Party. We had a booth, and provided prevention awareness to kids and families from all over Patterson. Thank you to the volunteers who staffed this information booth, and our Spanish language translator for attending and making sure we reached as many as possible!


Friend to Friend Conference

September saw the Friend to Friend youth conference return to the Modesto Centre Plaza, hosted by the Stanislaus County Office of Education. More than 500 high school students meet to develop effective resiliency and leadership skills alongside their peers, which they then take back to their schools with the ability to make a positive impact. We had an information booth at this event and the kids were very interested to learn about how to prevent trafficking and help each other stay safe.


January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

On Sunday January 7th we will have 10 local churches doing awareness training. Ask your pastor if your church is involved yet!

We will again be co-hosting a movie night at the State Theater on January 11th to highlight trafficking awareness. This event is free and open to the public.





This year, we as a community had a total success in the fight for justice for trafficking victims. Two local traffickers were prosecuted, sentenced, and are now in jail. We’ve been privileged to walk alongside two of the three victims’ families as they go through this process. The fight to prosecute, go to trial and get a conviction can be a long haul for victims and a guilty verdict and jail time is a huge win!

This kind of success happens because we all work together. Some work to support the victim and her family, some to educate the community, some fund the work, some build the case and some prosecute the trafficker. Every piece of this is vital. Five years ago this wasn’t happening but now it is. Thank you for being of the solution by supporting Without Permission!



Our team of Certified Navigators continues to work tirelessly to meet the needs of the survivors we serve. We have numerous upcoming outings and retreats planned for the girls, and all are staffed by trained volunteers.

Just His House continues to be a safe place for survivors and their families to gather, learn and heal. Our weekly Parent Partnership Meetings have been highly successful in offering families the support they need to deal with the aftermath of the trafficking.

Recently our Navigators worked with a young girl who had been removed from home and placed in three different counties over six months. Amongst all of the different group homes, different peers and different social workers, WP Navigators were her only constant presence during this time. We visited her consistently and went to court with her while it was decided that she would become a ward of the state. The power of a familiar face in the midst of such chaos can not be overstated. Our volunteer Navigators are truly the heart of our Restoration Department.