WP In Action



Join us in welcoming Kassy McKee, our new Campus Educator.

She will be handling our Prevention Education program at local junior high and high schools for 2017-18.

This important program reaches hundreds of kids every year:


…“No one ever deserves to be treated this way.”

…“We should try our hardest to put all of these people in jail.”

…“We came to this because our nation is all about money”

…“I would say I know someone getting pimped”

…“Our culture needs to change”.

-Enochs High School Students, in response to a WP Training Day




Without Permission is opening an office at the Stanislaus Family Justice Center. 

This one-stop resource center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault will now offer support for victims of human trafficking.


The FREE June 21st CSA Training Event “Respond Rescue Restore”

featured presentations by Homeland Security and Modesto Detective Steve Anderson regarding local gangs.

Our next FREE community training is scheduled for September.




In the first three months of 2017, 15 new survivors called us looking for help.

Another 9 local allies called for resources for the survivors they serve.

We recently received a call from a local hospital social worker

who had identified one of her patients as a victim.

We were able to have Navigators on site to help within a few hours.

This is why we do free community trainings.

This is the coordinated response your support makes possible!