Sheri Matteucci

Without Permission Staff

Five words to describe her

God’s creation, family oriented, compassionate, understanding, and a quick learner.

What she does at Without Permission

As an administrative assistant at Without Permission, she is responsible for the scheduling of all educational trainings on the subject of Human Sex Trafficking, including Stanislaus County Community Service Agency, Stanislaus County School Administration, Medical staff, Community Clubs as well as local area churches.


Wife, Mom, and Grandma.

What she loves?

Sheri loves the beach, watching sunsets, and watching children building sandcastles. She loves the experience of sitting and hearing the sound of the ocean waves, being reminded of how vast the love of God is.

What is she passionate about?

Sheri is passionate about the saving grace of Jesus. She loves sharing and teaching about His love and forgiveness that makes all things new.

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