Michell Camacho

Five words to describe her

Michell describes herself as a follower of Christ, A Mother, Grandma, resilient, and compassionate.

What she does for WP

She is a juvenile probation site navigator, Michell asses the youth in the juvenile hall with the CSE-IT West Coast screening tool. Once they have been identified as being trafficked she then will mentor and navigate them through life’s journey. Michell also trains and builds WP navigator team to be our boots on the ground.


Michell says she is blessed to be a mother to 4 adult children Marissa, Bianca, Cecil, and Joseph. A mother in law to Jose and Ali. A grandmother to my 4 granddaughters Lilly, Miya, Analea, Izabella.

What makes her laugh?

Michell says she laughs when she has family get-togethers and they talk about all the embarrassing stories her and her kids created. She also laughs watching her Belgian Malinois Koa act silly and play. Not to mention her love for watching a funny comedy on her down time.

She is passionate about

Cooking, teaching and mentoring.

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