Kim Martinez

Without Permission Staff

Five ways to describe her

Kim describes herself to have unconditional love for her family, optimistic, loyal, creative, and a green smoothie lover.

What she does for Without Permission:

Her title is Campus Education. Kim’s focus is to teach our youth, in Stanislaus County and beyond, awareness and prevention of Human Trafficking. She does this by going to schools to share our Power Point Presentation, #NotAPriceTag, in classrooms. Kim also enjoys helping and supporting in all other areas of Without Permission.


Kim is a Mother of three adult children and a Nana to six amazing grandchildren. Spending time and building memories with them is her all-time favorite, especially for birthdays and the holidays.

Her favorite things

Her favorite things are putting a smile on people’s faces, decorating, organizing, fashion, repurposing, improvising, shoes, and shopping.

Previously in life..

After 27 years, Kim retired from Modesto City Schools. She worked as a Paraprofessional at many different sites, 13 of those years were at Franklin Elementary school followed by another 13 years at Elliott, 3 years in clerical and the last 10 years as the Bookkeeper.

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