A Place of Refuge

In 2017, WP Parent Partnership participants have become volunteers, speakers and mentors in the community. Our Restoration Department has grown to five staff members due to our impact in the Valley. Just His House hosted survivors or their parents every week of 2017.

Let the words of those who are being blessed by your investment in this ministry tell you what has happened here this year:

“JHH means I can have a safe place to come to and relax, I can talk to people here that will help me. It feels like my second home.” … WP Survivor

“I have a lot of navigators at JHH that I know care about me, they are not caring about me because they have to, they care because they want to and they want to see me strive, it makes me feel loved and cared for.” … WP Survivor

“I struggled with accepting Jesus in my life. Now I have a sense of comfort when I pray and I know Jesus is listening to me and he cares. I’m glad WP has helped me get my faith back.” … WP Survivor

“I am profoundly grateful for Parent Night at Just His House. A place of comfort where I renew my strength, wisdom, guidance from staff and other parents who have been affected by this evil called ‘human trafficking’. In the midst of my deepest darkness this place has been my light and compass. It guides me through this darkness and gives me the light of hope when my daughter is recovered.” … Survivor Parent Sheri

“He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge” Psalm 91:4